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Brief acupuncture history

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Acupuncture is a technique to relieve all sorts of pains and ailments by inserting very thin needles in specific places on your body. Acupuncture derives from acus and pungere which basically means ”needle” and ”to prick” (e.g. inserting a needle). You can’t really stick a needle in your body by random and expect your headache to go away, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) tells us that the body is divided into ”meridians” on which the acupuncture points is situated. Traditional Chinese medicine also tells us that the meridians in our body is a sort of channel in which all the vital energy flows, ”Qi”. For people in the western society it can be very hard to grasp since it doesn’t make any sense to us, ”why would there be thing called Qi and vital vital energy flows?” There is no scientific proof for it and because of that acupuncture remains controversial among Western clinicians.

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